Podcast 1 -

What’s your Purpose?

Join us as we dive into the vague understandings of purpose and it’s misconceptions. In this podcast we discuss the importance of purpose, ways to uncover it, and how to understand when your straying off course with what you truly believe in.

podcast 2 -

mastering & everything in between

Mastering is one of the most important aspects of finalizing a song and is an art all on it’s own. Whether you’re new to mastering or have been mastering for years, this podcast is sure to be relatable and informational.

podcast 3 -

5 things to consider before booking with a professional recording studio

Is it time for you to invest in a professional recording studio? The answer is, not always. Join founder Connor Smith and C.O.O. Charles Longacre as they discuss what artist should consider when deciding where to record their next song.

podcast 4 -

what’s the .wav?

It’s important to stay up to date with the current trends and styles within the music industry. Their are production trends, vocal and vibe trends, engineering trends and more. Stay on that .WAV and learn how to use the times to your advantage without losing your originality.

podcast 5 -

never give up

Trials and tribulations have plagued some of the most talented artist to ever exist. Join us on this podcast as we discuss methods for staying organized, focused, and optimistic about the unknown paths of the music industry and life itself.

podcast 6 -

special guest: Derek Menchan

Meet Derek Menchan - A world-class cello player, producer, singer, and overall incredible musician. Listen in as Connor, Bland, and Derek discuss music, instrumentation, process and more.