Our Blueprint Sessions are designed to help take your recording process to the next level.  We test multiple microphones to see which one sounds best for your voice. We experiment with different pre-amps and EQ settings. We then build the Blueprint to develop the
sound you most desire.  

What you learn in your Blueprint Session can be taken to any other studio you work with and puts you ahead of the game with all the knowledge you need to get your best sound.

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Record your next hit-single with a qualified Studio 18 Engineer.  

Our vocal booths are modeled after some of the greatest recording studios in history and have been rated a 10 out of 10 by Industry Professionals like Bob Katz.   

Our Studio 18 Engineers are always connected with you and do what they can to provide feedback while you record helping you take your song to the next level.  

We are not scared to tell it like it is
and we make sure to always bring out
your best performance. 

Studio A -  2 Hour Blocks ($150/Each) 
Studio B -  2 Hour Blocks ($130/Each)
**Engineer Fee Already Included**

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Mixing is an art, and for the last 10+ years Studio 18 has devoted more than 10,000 hours to perfecting our craft.  

Not only do we take into account your recently released music, we also learn about your influences and work side-by-side with you to develop YOUR signature sound. 

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Studio A - Mastering Suite


Mastering is one of the most important steps in finalizing your song or album.  

Our mastering suite is acoustically designed to make sure your music translates well on EVERY listening medium whether that's in a club, at a party, in the car, or listening on earbuds.  

We make sure that the balance of your album is the same from beginning to end and give your fans the best listening experiences possible.  

Mastering Rates:
Gold Master - $60 (Per Song)

Platinum Master - $120 (Per Song)
[Includes Mix - Pack]

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Industry Consultations

Although we've had the opportunity to work with
many big names in the music industry, our preference
is always to work along side local, independent artist.

Our Studio 18 Industry Experts offer advice catered specifically to you
and consultations can be conducted in person or by phone.  

Industry Consultations Include: 

  • Branding
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Music Business
  • Songwriting 
  • Monetizing Your Music 
  • Budget & Financing 
  • Home Recording Techniques
  • Q&A 

$75.00 (60 Min Consult)
$45.00 (30 Min Consult)

Get Your Industry Consult
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Career Advisors

Imagine having your own personal trainer when it came to your music career.
Our career advisors are much like our Industry Consultation Experts, except for the fact that they stay along side with you and your journey for as long as you choose to work with them.  

Have somebody to call on for advice, to give you professional feedback on your demo, help you prepare for your next big performance, and more.   

To receive more information about
getting a Career-Advisor, 
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Team 18 Memberships

Our Team 18 Memberships are our pride and joy.  We've created an online portal equipped with podcasts, videos, survival guides, exclusive sales, and discounted rates for our Team 18 Members.  

The memberships also include access to our private Team 18 Facebook Group filled with creative minds in music, photography, videography, graphic design, event planning and more.  An excellent way to collaborate and network with some of the top movers & shakers in our city.  

Features Include: 

  • Artist Survival Guide
  • Exclusive Podcasts (Motivational/Educational)
  • Informative Videos 
  • Exclusive Flash Sales on Products & Services 
  • Discounted Rates 
  • Exclusive Team 18 Facebook Group


Mix Pack Rates: 
$20 - Each Individual Version
$100 -  Entire Mix-Pack Bundle (Save $20)


Avoid missing a huge opportunity with a Music Supervisor or Radio Host due to not having ALL of the files you need for your music.  

Our Mix - Packs set you up for success and allow you to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.  

Mix - Packs Include: 

  • A Capella 
  • Instrumental 
  • Performance Track 
  • Vocal Up 
  • Vocal Down
  • Clean - Edit 

Custom Projects

Want to mix & match our products and services into a custom bundle?  

We will be more than happy to accommodate for your needs, work with your budget,
and customize the perfect services to give you everything you need and more.  

To begin your custom project
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